Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Serebrennikov refused to show the performances of the authors of “vile denunciations” – RBC


  The director did not accept the composition of the jury and prizes «Golden Mask» , which was adopted on the eve of the Secretariat of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia. «I for reasons of hygiene do not want my performances watched, evaluated by the people who wrote to me and theater in which I serve, a lot of vile denunciations and libel. They now declared experts watch my performances and theater performances, which they deeply hate, too impossible, “- wrote Kirill Serebrennikov.






  The Jury “Golden Mask” was formed on the basis of proposals from the Ministry of Culture as one of the organizers of the festival and awards. Chairman of the jury in the category “Dramatic theater” was appointed professor of the Faculty of Drama GITIS and columnist of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” Elena Karas.


  Earlier participate in the “Golden Mask” I refused another metropolitan director – Konstantin Bogomolov. On his Facebook page, he said: “In the summer, he saw the working group, I wrote that I was with a mask that is not on the way. I got a lot of accusations. Actually, what is remembered. And the fact that here the advisory council issued a mask for the next year. And among other persons inadequate to say the least, are now in the majority, there is, for example, is not simply inadequate, and game ».


  In a statement Serebrennikov responded theater critic and chairman of the working group of the Public Council at the Ministry of Culture theater arts Grigory Zaslavsky. “It seems strange that the director, is an objective assessment of fellow experts, but he had already denies the objectivity of the examination on the part of those who criticize him,” – said Zaslavsky “Interfax » .


  Kirill Serebrennikov has been appointed the new artistic director of the Moscow Drama Theater. NV Gogol in August 2012. Six months later, in February of 2013th, at its base opened “Gogol-center.” In the spring of 2015 the theater announced financial difficulties because of which could not, inter alia, to issue a performance Serebrennikov “Who Lives Well in Russia”. Premiere of this production took place only in September with the support of the festival “Cherry Forest».


  Because of disagreements on the issue of funding of the theater have developed Kirill Serebrennikov not the easiest relationship with the leadership of the Department of Culture of Moscow.


  In an interview with GQ magazine the head of department Alexander Kibovsky said: “Financial problems at the” Gogol-center “building up for a long time and deteriorated at the end of last year. In this connection, even when there was a change Kapkova director of the theater in the hope that it will rectify the situation. But the problems were at the theater, and every day they grow. The city has done everything for the theater. And even more. And far more than for any of the 86 other theaters in the city ».


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