Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Putin to launch from the Baikonur East: “Do not rush work” – News

Putin to launch from the Baikonur East:


President Vladimir Putin has today inspected the finished objects Vostochny cosmodrome in the Amur region including the command item and launch site. At a meeting on one of the major construction projects of the country, in addition to criticism and praise, we made an important decision: the first launch of a new cosmodrome move in April next year.

– We’ve done all that before the end of 2015 Year start to hold, – he said at the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, adding, however, that still need to start up the first 5.5 months of tests of various kinds, and the cold of minus 40 is not conducive to work. – We are ready to prepare the most rigid mode starts before the end of December.

– Space activities – an area where there is no need rush work here need rhythmic work and quality. Do not need any correlations victory, we need a high-quality result. Let’s agree. Tune in early launches in the spring, if you make the Day of Cosmonautics, well, if not, it is not necessary to rush work, Putin replied, adding that April 12 – no end date.

This the first on the scene after the visit of the President of the spring scandal with massive delays of salary payments to employees of construction. Now questions paydays resolved. According to Dmitry Rogozin, Rostrud filed 1,3 thousand. Administrative Affairs not to issue paychecks. 20 criminal cases for fraud and embezzlement.

– It is necessary that all the work was brought to an end and the case sent to court. Do not delay wages. And why there? Not because the state does not allocate money – the state allocates all – but because its contractors hole close disbursement. The Ministry of Finance took control, but it should have been done before, – Putin said.

We even managed to raise the salaries of construction workers. The average salary of workers is 36 thousand rubles. Workers average technical staff – 64 thousand. Rubles per month. Due to the active work of the 8 th. Workers managed to reduce the time lag to deliver objects from 8 to 4 months. Construction is seven days a week, working in two shifts.

– We need to focus on their terms … Please monitor the level of training of specialists, and those who execute orders. 130 organizations. Controlling them is adjusted slightly – a lot of the construction of marriage. This unique facility, the most advanced. It is clear that along the way there are new ideas, but you need to keep track of deadlines, – Putin said.

There are problems of a financial nature. So, after verifications revealed that Spetsstroy recorded 38.1 billion rubles undeveloped advance. The individual directions have become advanced to 80%, which made it possible to accelerate the pace of construction. But so far there is no full-time connection to water and electricity.

– I do not want to look like a meeting of the dressing. I see what a lot of work done. But at a critical stage, we need to get together. Depend on the quality and results of the entire project – said the president.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that the Commission checked are in the facility twice a month. Deputy Prime Minister mentioned another, this time objective reason behind schedule delivery of works – the sanctions, because of which had to change some of the projects due to the inability to purchase foreign equipment.

In the future spaceport East should carry out manned launches missile launches heavy and superheavy classes.


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