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Putin allowed to move with the first launch of the Eastern and demanded quality – Sight

Vladimir Putin headed the inspection arrived at the Baikonur East. After inspecting the building the head of state held a debriefing hard enough, though, and asked not to call this conversation spacing. The main outcome of the meeting: the first launch from the East moved for a few months, while the construction project for the control will be strengthened, including by law enforcement officers. Putin has demanded to finish the work on criminal cases.

backlog and transfers

«Everyone knows our constant illness with postponement large projects – at first for a few months, then a year, then for five years »

Arriving Wednesday at the cosmodrome Vostochny, Russian President Vladimir Putin first of all looked at all the major sites. Then he held a meeting.

He paid special attention behind schedule construction. This problem was raised at different levels over the last several years, but until now has not been resolved.

Putin said that Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin himself has done much to ensure that deadlines were reduced. And something possible – before the backlog up to eight months from now – to an average of four, but ideally there should be no gap at all, according to RIA “Novosti”.

He added that other facilities abroad, the gap was about the same, however, he urged to focus on their own terms and plans: “I understand that what we are doing now is we have a unique object, of course, I have this to say the most advanced and perhaps the most high-tech facilities in the world of its kind. It is clear that along the way there are some new ideas, but still need to follow the terms and avoid increase in terms of construction “, – he said at the meeting.

Putin called for more time to verify all the construction schedule, and by the Russian Space Agency Spetsstroy and demanded a report on the causes of failures at the cosmodrome. He also said that “we do not need no correlations victory”, and also do not need to “roll in rush jobs”, but “must be ensured adequate quality of construction, high reliability and absolute security of the entire infrastructure of the spaceport.”

After that, it became known that the first launch of the Eastern postponed from December 2015 to spring 2016. “If you make to the Cosmonautics Day (April 12) – it was good,” – said the president.

In its report, and Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin admitted that comply with the original launch date will be very difficult. “We are ready to prepare the most rigid mode start to the end of December – he said. – If there are no other solutions. ”

«rush work do not need to calmly go to the deadline, which will soon be counted. Just tell me – when “, – said the head of state.

«In April,” – he said Rogozin.

«Not necessarily. Just count and tell me when it is optimal, “- Putin interrupted him.

control, money and criminal proceedings

In addition, Putin criticized Spetsstroy for weak monitoring of the construction site. “Spetsstroy Russia attracted about 130 such organizations. Controlling them is adjusted slightly. Qualifications attracted professionals in this area requires special attention due to the fact that there is a significant amount of the construction of marriage “, – quotes the president of TASS.

«Well, he just revealed in a timely manner and apply the appropriate measures and solutions”, – Putin said.

He called for stricter control of the use of funds and noted that at the launch site were taken while the work is only one sixth of the selected volume. “The construction of the Baikonur allocated a significant budget – only about 188 billion rubles. They must be used with maximum efficiency. What do we see now? Contracts signed for 109.2 billion rubles for 2011-2015 Spetsstroy financed by 70.4 billion rubles. And acts of acceptance of work performed confirmed at 32.3 billion rubles. This means that the untapped advance of 38.1 billion rubles, “- he said.

The president also spoke about the financial problems associated with the builders of the cosmodrome. “We need to carefully examine how to accustom advance payments, to avoid delays in payment of wages to workers – know, there are, unfortunately, phenomena”, – Putin lamented.

The head of state stressed that this is not because the state does not allocate money. “We all stand out in the right quantities and on time. This occurs because a system of contractors that its hole is closed due to funds received for work on the spaceport “- the president said.

With regard to criminal cases on the facts of both theft and non-payment of salaries to the East, Russia’s president urged law enforcement agencies to do everything that they were brought to court, and the perpetrators punished.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, supervising construction, we are now in the production of 20 criminal cases related to the East.

«I do not want to look like a meeting of separation, I can see what work has been done, but in the final stage it is necessary to come,” – said the President of Russia.

The decision to postpone the start – the right

As told to the newspaper LOOK scientific director of the Moscow space club Ivan Moiseyev, the decision to postpone the first launch from the East has two components: “First Now, a month – two before the start, it was clear that technically produce it in the stated period is not possible. Then the decision to postpone the spring, of course, correct. But, nevertheless, it is a serious political defeat for our space, “- he believes.

Moses said that Putin took full responsibility for the postponement. And it is also quite significant moment. “We can say that this system solution. Everyone is familiar with the disease our constant postponement of major projects – at first for a few months, then a year, then for five years. But this is a very dangerous thing, and that leads to financial costs, and loss of reputation. And when the transfer is approved by a time like this, at the highest level – it already looks a little bit different, “- said the expert.

According to Moses, the problems behind schedule works were all known for a long time, the media wrote about this, say officials and representatives of Roscosmos. “Of course, like clockwork construction of such a grand object was not to go. But to build it in time, I think it is possible. All of today’s problems originate with the first, the initial phase of construction – it was 2008, 2009, 2010. The works were then extremely disgusting. And when it was revealed, it was taken, of course, measures to remedy the situation. But, as we have seen, until the end of the schedule was unable to catch up, “- he concluded.

Supported transfer start and editor of the “Journal of GLONASS” Constantine Kreydenko. “The decision to take the time – right. It is necessary to carry out all kinds of tests from the rocket and space complex, check the operation of all services cosmodrome, properly train the number of combat crew training and start-up “, – he told Tass.

According to him, to hurry up with the new cosmodrome nowhere as Russia fulfills its obligations to international and commercial partners, the military and scientists using other means at its disposal spaceports – Plesetsk and Baikonur.

«Baikonur East is built primarily for manned missions, but in the coming years with a no astronauts in orbit will be sent. Therefore, if you need to provide additional time for the completion of all construction work on the implementation of Russia’s manned program is not affected, “- said the expert.

At the same time, he said, “you can not let go of the reins, too.”

A member of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics Tsiolkovsky Andrew son of John, also of the opinion that the transfer of the first start is not a serious problem, however, mindful of the widespread practice of Roscosmos shift timing, as if this process is not “gone too far “.

The transfer of the first run will positively affect the reliability of the rocket-space complex in general, echoed the chief editor of “Space News” Igor Marinin. On acceptance tests and certification is required “at least four, and, according to some experts, and six months”, the words Marinin lead TASS.


On Wednesday Vladimir Putin has arrived in the Far East to assess the readiness of the cosmodrome East for the first start, which was previously scheduled for December this year.

The new launch site, which is being built near the village of Uglegorsk in the Amur region, should ensure the full independence of the Russian space industry. The fact that one of the existing Russian spaceports – Baikonur – located on the territory of Kazakhstan, and the second – Plesetsk – capable display space, not all kinds of spacecraft.

In the future, from the East are possible missile launches super-heavy class. Simultaneously with the completion of preparations for the first start-up, and here everything is ready for the deployment of the second phase of construction of the spaceport.

Let’s remind, on October 9, the press service of the Center for Ground-Based Space Infrastructure Roscosmos reported that the carrier rocket “Soyuz-2.1a” to launch the first ever from the East have already placed in the assembly and test complex (MIC) Baikonur.

However, it was getting there is not no problem. In particular, on October 1 reported that a missile transported to the assembly and testing facility for the backup scheme due to an error designers.

August 21 Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin called the date of readiness of the construction and engineering infrastructure of the cosmodrome East. According to him, it will be handed over until 30 September.

In early August Dalspetsstroy announced the readiness of 95% of the objects at the cosmodrome East.

The first start was tentatively scheduled for December 25, 2015. But now it called another date – April 2016.


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