Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Putin has postponed the launch of the first rocket from the Baikonur East – BBC

As predicted “Times”, the expected launch of the first carrier rocket “Soyuz” with the new Vostochny cosmodrome in the stated period will not take place. For this decision took a personal part to the President, who arrived at the launch site to get acquainted with the pace of construction.

This decision was expected, since the last few months slippage in the construction schedule began to speak in the most space industry.

This spring attention to the construction of the spaceport was drawn worker strikes , were found guilty of various contractors that are not commensurate with the volume of construction of its own assets. At the end of the proceedings were instituted variety of criminal cases. In late spring the construction of the spaceport was accelerated, and the words of management building on the implementation schedule began to sound more often.

The fact that the first rocket will fly in time, throughout the building said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who personally oversees spending to the construction and the progress of work and director of the Center for Ground-Based Space Infrastructure (TsENKI), supplying equipment for all space objects.

Despite the fact that most of the equipment at the launch site in September, has been delivered and installed, experts became clear that the terms will not be able to sustain and have to postpone the launch.

As reported «Times” September 23, the main lag is due to the fact that the equipment is already installed before starting should be tested occupying a certain period.

«Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, we have certain rules and regulations that we have to fulfill before making the technique to allow the launch, conduct self tests »,

– said a source familiar with the work.

There were problems and delayed deliveries already made equipment. Another factor that hinders to supply and installation of equipment in a period called the delays associated with the execution of the 223rd federal law on public procurement. “This extended the cycle of components. Technically, you should hold a contest. We must negotiate major deals within the industry and with Roscosmos -very much bureaucracy, which, compared with Soviet times redundant, because then there was command system “, – said the source.

However, Deputy Prime Minister went on to talk about preparedness run the “Union” in the period 25th December. The same promise he gave on Wednesday, visiting the construction site along with Vladimir Putin. But half an hour later the president said what everyone was waiting for from the authorities in recent months. Construction of the East was launched by Putin’s decree of November 6, 2007, where it was written that the start of the first rocket to be held in December 2015. Therefore, the question of who should take the decision on his transfer, did not arise.

The first start – the first person

Similarly, in June 2014, Vladimir Putin accepted decision to postpone the first launch of the new Russian rocket “Angara”, which was not ready to fly.

«Tune in the first launches in 2016, in the spring, if you make it to the Cosmonautics Day, the good . If not, then rush work is not necessary, – Putin said at the meeting. – Space activities – not an area where you have to rush work and super-here need a rhythmic work and quality ».

The president asked about the new launch date at this time, Rogozin said:” By mid-April we’ll do. ”

The president noted that Rogozin himself has done much to ensure that the backlog was reduced from eight to four months.

«As for the subcontractors, Spetsstroy Russia attracted 130 organizations such control over them is adjusted poorly qualified professionals involved in this area requires special attention due to the fact, that there is a significant amount of the construction of marriage, “- Putin said.

President demanded completing the criminal cases on the facts of embezzlement and fraud in the construction of the spaceport and called” thoroughly checked as the cost of advance payments, to avoid delays in payment of wages to workers. ”

«We know there are, unfortunately, and such phenomena. This happens not because the state money is not allocated – we select the right amount and in time, but because a system of contractors that their holes in other places close by getting to work on the spaceport, “- he said.

As told to “” head of the Research Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow State University Mikhail Panasyuk, in connection with the transfer of the launch is postponed for an indefinite period and the delivery to the launch site of the student satellite “Lomonosov”, which is to be launched with the first The launch.

«Sputnik in Moscow, we were waiting for a command when to send, now the president has decided to launch not earlier than April. Launch it, the satellite here, we will wait for the next command, “- explained the director.

The editor of the magazine” News of Cosmonautics “Igor Afanasyev sees no serious effects from the transfer run. “To accelerate these trials impossible. They require a certain amount of time, and this time can not be excluded. If the first run went well, almost immediately begin construction of the launch complex for “Angara».


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