Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Vladimir Putin held a meeting on the construction of the cosmodrome “East” and the city of Tsiolkovsky – First Channel

Russian President Vladimir Putin has arrived to the cosmodrome “East” in the Amur region to personally check on things – like solved the problems that is being done to eliminate the backlog. First run (and he was scheduled for the end of this year), will have to move.

President Vladimir Putin has arrived to the cosmodrome “East” in the Amur region to personally check on things – how to solve the problems, it is done in order to eliminate the backlog. First run (and he was scheduled for the end of this year), will have to move.

To act must be based on the real picture. Although the timing is certainly important, the main thing, said the President, yet high-quality result.

The technical complex of the cosmodrome “East” is almost ready for commissioning. This builders reported to Vladimir Putin, who is now in the Amur region. In fact, this inspection visit of the President.

In the giant hangars will be prelaunch launch vehicles. The first Soyuz-2.1a already delivered to the launch site and is now in the assembly building. This missile comes disassembled by rail in sealed containers. Then it will collect and conduct testing of all systems.

Before sending the carrier rocket to the launch pad, it will hold through the 52-meter building – the mobile service tower. The tower is unique. Such is not at the cosmodrome “Baikonur” and “Plesetsk”. It is possible to start training in the most adverse weather conditions. And in the winter and summer staff will be protected from the environment.

The heart of the cosmodrome – the launch complex. Hence the rocket will put into orbit space vehicles for different purposes – scientific, military and communications. The President also visited the command post of the cosmodrome. Hence it will give the command “key to start!” The first launch planned for this fall, but due to a series of corruption scandals at the Baikonur timing commissioning times shifted. At a meeting on the construction of Vladimir Putin has once again reminded of the need to adhere strictly to the schedule.

“violated terms of execution of projects. To date, construction and installation works behind the plan. Previously, the gap was about eight months Now – on the average, to four. But this large backlog. I also know that at other sites, and abroad the gap was about the same, if not greater, including French Guiana – all we know. But we need to focus on our own terms, “- Putin said.

According to the Prosecutor General’s Office in the construction of the spaceport in the Amur region revealed facts of embezzlement of budget funds worth a total of 7.5 billion rubles. 20 criminal cases against officials and heads of contracting companies.

“Unfortunately, there is suspicion of existence of criminal acts of crime. They say -” suspicious “because the investigation is not complete. But I will require from the Investigative Committee to all work on criminal cases has been brought to an end, and the case would be referred to the court “, – said the President.

The criminal case on the spaceport relate to abuse of power, embezzlement, fraud, and wage arrears. Thus, in April this year during the “straight line” with President Putin asked the builders, and told that they systematically do not pay the money. Since then, the building is under the constant supervision of law enforcement officials and the President himself.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, the first launch is scheduled for the end of this year. However, the President cautioned the audience on a bold prediction.

“Space activities – it is not an area where you have to rush work and are super. There need rhythmic work and quality. Let’s agree – you finish work related to water supply, electricity supply with removal; need to prepare units for the launch – is also a separate work, and tune into first launches in 2016, somewhere in spring. If you make it to the Cosmonautics Day, will be fine. If not – and here rush work is not necessary, “- the President said.

At the meeting Vladimir Putin said that despite all the difficulties, the builders have done a great and very hard work.

“I have spoken about the difficulties and problems, and those failures that occur but do not want the meeting looked like some sort of dressing or something like that. I can see what a huge work has been done. Made a lot, but at the final stage, we need to get together because of this final stage depends on the quality and results the project “, – said the President.

Serve the cosmodrome” East “will be 19 thousand people. For the staff, 30 kilometers from here built a space camp, which gave the name of “Tsiolkovsky”. It will be a full-fledged town with all necessary infrastructure – schools, kindergartens and clinics. Terms of delivery of this object is also disrupted, and at a meeting of the President once again reminded of the need to finish the Tsiolkovsky time.

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