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20 years without Kuryokhin – News

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On the day of the 20th anniversary of the death of the composer, improviser, actor and hoaxer Sergei Kuryokhin the stage of the Bolshoi Hall of the Conservatory came conductor and violinist Aleksey Aygi ensemble 4’33 ” and the orchestra Ad Libitum. As well as the participants of the legendary performance “Pop Mechanics”, now the pride of the domestic jazz – Sergey Letov (saxophone), Vyacheslav Gayvoronskiy (trumpet), Vladimir Volkov (double bass), Alexey Kruglov (saxophone), Alexander Alexandrov (bassoon). The vocal parts were performed by Catherine Kichigina and Marina Kapoor

heard in the evening program “Kurehin next». (First performance – in the year of the 60th anniversary of the musician’s birth) deserves attention as a concert event, and as an artistic provocation in quite the Kuryokhin spirit.

In fact – the playbill listed music Kuryokhin created including “Pop Mechanics” and films, but to this day no notes recorded them. That is, it is a notation, of course, and did, say, even the party musicians painted but treated her (notation) without the usual composer’s reverence – do not collect or store. I do not assume that someone, somewhere, will play his works – the creative creation process was primary, and on the interpretation of it, loved scathing word, spoke as a problem, “the second, third, fifth and tenth level.”

Alex Aygi, decided to give the Kuryokhin burlesque fellow artists, with all the responsibility engaged thereby “tenth” level.
compose Kuryokhin with tracks (thanks, Captain as his friends called him, was recorded a lot), and the film music “chosen” from the film fragments, freeing it from the layers in the form of noise and voices of actors.

Kurehin introduction Aygi looks consistent minimalist (the basis for the works is put a short capacious motive), virtuoso instrumentation (with each repetition motif effectively blooming new orchestral colors), a supporter of comprehensive dormant (from the “grain” in minutes grows sonorous “tree”) and instrumental theater. In the last meet fellow colleagues Kuryokhin, improvising with undisguised delight, and he Aygi who makes contribution to the common cause violin solo.

There is a multimedia performance (as defined genre of the project) and Kurehin itself – in the form of projections on the conservatory organ pipes. Image doubles and troitsya, but that “in the Kuryokhin” explain the experts.

– I am glad that people who knew Sergei, worked with him, praised the project – said Alexey Aygi “Izvestia”. – His unplayable music is still a lot, but a lot of work – decoding, orchestration …

In the Great Hall just sounded not previously play “Sparrow Oratorio” with an exciting, like all the Kuryokhin projects prehistory. In 1992, Captain bothered issue of extinction of sparrows – about it he told a Norwegian environmentalist. In winter 1993, the studio “Lenfilm” ensemble under the direction of Kuryokhin recorded six songs inspired by “Seasons” by Vivaldi, but surpassed them in imitation of the bird singing. There’s also a young vocalist Marina Kapoor was found in the studio. In the rank of folk stars and in evening dress with epaulettes (hello favorite costume Captain), she was the soloist in the revival of the oratorio, disrupting a well-deserved ovation.

But the most enthusiastic response expectedly won the most famous kinokompozitsiya Kuryokhin – from the “Lord of the designer.” Those who have not seen this film directed by Oleg esthetic Teptsova with Avilov Viktor and Mikhail Kazakov starring advise to fill the gap – without this lyrical thriller impression Kuryokhin, wizard, enchanting atmosphere, is incomplete.

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Sergey Kurehin (1954-1996) – composer, actor, politician, entertainer, creator of the multimedia performance project “Pop-Mechanics “and the music for more than 20 films. In St. Petersburg, SKIF festival is held annually (Sergey Kuryokhin International Festival). Effective Contemporary Art Center named Kuryokhin, which annually presents the prize in his name – for achievements in a wide range of contemporary art. Published and reprinted almost every musician’s recording -. Both studio and concert


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