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Kurehin – man-celebration: the concert was held at the Conservatory of Captain memory – BBC News

there was a concert in memory of Sergei Kuryokhin Moscow State Conservatory. Captain of the St. Petersburg rock-club, avant-garde jazz and remembered friends and family. The multimedia performance organized by composer and violinist Aleksey Aygi. Collect product Kuryokhin had bit by bit. The creator of the “Pop-Mechanics” is often improvised and did not keep records.

That Rocked covered Conservatory. Within its walls – the concert of the legendary Captain – musician Sergey Kuryokhin – the last avant-garde of the Soviet Union and the first experimenter free Russia. His works have been performed violinist and composer Alex Aygi.

Today is a unique case, without exaggeration, when the conservatory you can wear sneakers and jeans. Heels and dress at the concert – mauvais ton. After the program – music Sergey Kuryokhin -. Captain of the Leningrad Rock Club 80

The nickname appropriate because his work – like the sea – never known boundaries and genres shores. Pianist, jazz musician, composer, screenwriter, actor – that’s all it is, Sergei Kurehin. “Man-holiday” – as it was called close. Experimented in all, once even invented a new language – the bird – for “sparrow’s oratorio”. She performed for the first time.

He called it the anthem of the world. At the same time he managed to sneer at the history of music. Famous Strawberry Fields Forever The Beatles’ he turned to Sparrow Fields Forever. That is, “Sparrow fields forever” So Kurehin named one of the parts of the oratorio. Singer Marina Kapuro recalls Sergey wrote the score and lyrics for the night. Some words changed directly during recording in the studio “thumbnail”, had to write.

“This is some kind of oracle … This is a theater buff on him. He is a very associative, sometimes reminds all languages earth – like a dove flying and see the earth from the bird’s-eye view, “- says the singer Marina Kapuro

in 1984, the Captain has become famous all over the country when released in deep waters.” Popular mechanics “- project the intersection of music and theater. On stage at a concert could go Viktor Tsoi, Boris Grebenshchikov, Oleg Garkusha and artist Vladislav Mamyshev Monroe. There was unimaginable: broken tools, crushing the balance from the nearest grocery store, wrapped in a carpet Eduard Khil, improvised. Widow Kuryokhin Anastasia says that he was born a genius. The Culture Institute in Leningrad, he studied at the same time on the conducting, piano and orchestral departments. Quit, plunged into the underground with

“” Aquarium. “When I met him, I immediately became clear that this man extraordinaire, significant and brilliant. Of course, it is much did not, because it’s so early on we left was a lot of plans -. an order for two operas from the Bolshoi theater They have to Soloviev were going to write a libretto “-. said the widow of Sergei Kuryokhin Anastasia Kuryokhin

Composer and violinist Aleksey Aygi preparing this project a year -. rebuilding Kuryokhin score. After the Captain’s almost nothing left: he improvised a lot and rarely recorded. Aygi found the movie to which Sergey has composed soundtracks, and restored music. The most famous of them -. “Mr. designer”

“I have everything down to a hearing, because I never saw the note written Kurehin It’s somewhere lost I think he wrote the note before.. . a concert and after no one threw him did not collect the note, unfortunately, “- recalls the composer Alexey Aygi

project.” Kurehin: NEXT “Aygi coined in 2013, refers to the concert last. He says: leave the scene should be like Captain – on a high note

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