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25 years old with the movie, James Cameron’s “Terminator II: Judgment Day” – BBC

Between the first and second

In the 80 years of the last century, Hollywood was not so much obsessed with all sorts of sequels, as in the past ten years. This does not mean that they were not at all – just as pleased spectators trilogy “Star Wars”, three films about the adventures of the brave archaeologist Indiana Jones saga began with Lieutenant Ripley and Aliens. In the end, movie series James Bond, too, did not plan to come to an end – and that’s not counting the many films of the genre more easily.

James Cameron in the early ’80s was, to put it mildly, not very well known, but sikvelnoy industry was able to make hand –

in 1981, he was engaged in the production of low-budget horror film “Piranha 2: The Spawning”. The experience gained by Cameron in this picture, was, perhaps, not the most pleasant (he replaced the originally designated director and worked with the crew, does not speak in English), so that when he finally did the first “Terminator” (it was in 1984 th) and became famous with it, neither of which the continuation of the history of iron man then out of the question. In any case, with respect to Cameron, who had other commitments – for example, the science fiction film “Strangers”, which is a couple of years received seven nominations for “Oscar” and even won a couple of statues – and their own projects such as “Void”

Airplane for Schwarzenegger

Most of the “Terminator”, however, Cameron has not forgotten. Together with his friend and co-writer of the first (as it is now known) film by William Wisher, he sketched a possible story, but more ideas (and their critics) is not going down. Rather, because rights to his characters Cameron sold the producer (and his future wife) Gale Anne Hurd (for $ 1), which is to finance the “Terminator” broke up with half of them in favor of Hemdale studio. But the methods of work of the company director was not happy ( “Terminator” left entirely without advertising), so that about any cooperation did not have to say.

At the end of 80 -x situation has changed dramatically.

Cameron Hurd divorced, he suffered not the best “Abyss”, so that when all rights to termination bought the company Carolco Pictures (responsible for the production has three series “Rambo” and a couple of movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger), he agreed to listen to their offer. The offer was very generous – the director has received $ 6 million personal fee, $ 102 million for production and almost complete creative freedom. But at the same time – the first movie star Schwarzenegger (only $ 15 million, most of which was paid to business jet Gulfstream III) and Linda Hamilton.

With a little help from ILM

Resist Cameron, of course, could not. However, the producers were not only generous, but also persistent – all the work on the film (from writing the script to complete the installation) they took one and a half years. Here and said those discussions, which were engaged in a Cameron and Wisher – many of the concepts (for example, a female terminator) they are dismissed as absurd,

and the resulting director on ” Aliens “and” Abyss “experience allows to understand not only what you need the audience, but also the possibilities of modern technologies.

With the latest George Lucas helped set up another for the first” Star wars “company Industrial Light & amp; Magic (ILM), which since the mid-70s has been associated with almost all the big sci-fi and fantasy film projects, including those with the “Abyss,” Cameron. However, in this case, it again (once again) had to strain and create a completely computer character – for the first time in film history. They coped, of course.

The same and at the same time

In general, the characters on the second “Terminator” (received the subtitle “Judgment Day”) is not very different from the first. Good android models of T-800 by Schwarzenegger speaks little (700 words for the whole movie, for $ 21.4 thousand. Per word), hits hard, and learn to shoot accurately smile. Sarah Connor (Hamilton) gave birth to a son (Edward Furlong), and all passed with the first picture of his time preparing for total war. Bad Terminator model T-1000 (Robert Patrick) changes the appearance, passes through the grating and is able to masterfully portray the floor.

And Michael Biehn played Kyle Reese back in the short memories of Sarah.

In the actual shooting was spent about half an exorbitant at the time the budget (at current exchange rate is US $ 200 million). However, the computer effects in the film turned out just 3.5 minutes, and everything else – old and well-known filmmakers methods, like the use of twins. For example, in scenes with two Sarami shot sister Linda – Leslie, another pair of twins played guard and T-1000 in a hospital. And, for example, Los Angeles for a nuclear apocalypse scene was built from flour tortillas and matzos.

to stop in time

All the investments were in place. The first “Terminator,” which cost about $ 6 million in worldwide box office earned $ 78.3 million. The proceeds of the second part of $ 508 million, setting a record for the sequel fees not surpassed today. But at the same time, “Judgement Day” was the highest grossing film of 1991, ahead of a massive epic “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves»

According to Cameron, the story terminators travel. time and “Skynet” was completed.

He never returned to the subject, put the two highest-grossing film in movie history ( “Titanic” and “Avatar”) and in general moved to another weight category – those directors who can be everything. However, the producers were convinced that the extension is possible, and tried to prove the third (with Schwarzenegger) and fourth (without him, but Christian Bale) parts. Schwarzenegger took part in the fifth movie, which was released a year ago (fees $ 440 million with a budget of 155 million), and seems to be going to appear in the sixth. But the “Judgment Day” yet remains the best in the franchise and one of the best in the genre of sci-fi movie.


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