Monday, July 4, 2016

Schwarzenegger rare video posted to the 25th anniversary of “Terminator 2″ – The newspaper Trud

13:43 4 July 2016.

Published 13:43 4 July 2016.

On the video, in particular, captured the shooting scene “communication” of his hero with bikers on arrival in the XX century

The famous Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger posted on the social network Facebook video from the shooting of the film “Terminator 2: Judgment day».

«Today – The 25th anniversary of” Terminator 2 “. I will always be proud of this film and a great team that worked on it. This is my big friend of James Cameron and actors and make-up – in short, the whole team. Thank you, guys, for the incredible memories “- wrote Schwarzenegger comments on my video

In the video, in particular, embodied as Schwarzenegger yawns in makeup depicting poluobgorevshie skin of his character.. In addition, there is shooting an episode of his “communion” with bikers on arrival in the XX century, as well as the awkward moment when the Terminator, reloading the shotgun after chasing T-1000 for him and his team, John Connor, accidentally touched the gun on the head boy.

Earlier, director James Cameron said that the 25th anniversary of the film in 2016, he again come to the big screen in 3D-format. Preparation of a new release deals with Chinese company DMG-Entertainment. The technology is the same that was used to create a three-dimensional version of the

The film “Titanic.” “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” was filmed in 1991. He tells of the arrival of the future model

T-800 programmed to protect John Connor himself as a child. With a budget of $ 100 million film grossed $ 519.8 million. The film won 20 awards, including four “Oscar” award (for the best sound, makeup, sound and visual effects).


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