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Cool Hollywood Italian Sylvester Stallone – RIA Novosti

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Cinematography creativity Sylvester Stallone noted prestigious awards. He is the winner of the “Jupiter” (1982), “Cesar” (1992), the “Golden Camera” (2004), “Golden Globe” (2016) and other

In the photo:. Sylvester Stallone during the opening of the restaurant “Planet Hollywood “in Moscow.

At the end of the 1990s. Sylvester Stallone was the highest paid actor in Hollywood, receiving an average of $ 20 million for the film

In the photo:. Actor Sylvester Stallone and boxer Muhammad Ali

Stallone wrote the screenplays for the films” Hell’s kitchen “(1978),” Fist “(1978),” Rhinestone “(1984),” The Cobra “(1986) “Struggling” (1987), “Cliffhanger” (1993), “Racer” (2001), “On” (2009), “Creed Legacy Rocky.” (2015), etc. In the painting “The Last frontier” (the Homefront 2013) in addition to writing the script Stallone was the operator. Stallone produced their own picture, “Lost”, “Racer”, “To”, “Creed Legacy Rocky”.

In the photo: Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the run-up to the Cannes Film Festival

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Sylvester Stallone is interested in painting, writing novels and the game of polo

in the photo:. Sylvester Stallone, marked by the Order of Arts and Letters of France, talks to journalists.

During his career, the actor starred in more than 70 films, including “Rambo” (Rambo ) in four parts (1982, 1985, 1988, 2008), “Cliffhanger” (Cliffhanger, 1993), “Tango and Cash” (Tango & Cash, 1989), “The Cobra” (the Cobra, 1986), “The Destroyer” ( Demolition Man, 1993), “The specialist” (The specialist, 1994), “The Killers” (Assassins, 1995)

In the photo:. frame from the film “Rambo: First blood Part 2″


We Sylvester Stallone and current wife Jennifer Flavin three daughters. From his first marriage Stallone has two sons.

in the 2000s, Stallone starred in the action films” Remove Carter “(Get Carter, 2000),” Detoxification “(D-Tox, 2001),” The angel of vengeance “(Avenging Angelo, 2002),” escape plan “(escape Plan, 2010),” Irresistible “(2012) and other . He also starred in the sports film “Rider” (Driven, 2001) and “Grudge Match” (Grudge Match, 2013)

In the photo:. Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis arriving at the Late Show with David Letterman, NY

in 2010, came the gunman “The Expendables” (The Expendables) – project Stallone, in which he starred and directed the starring. In the film, attended by well-known Hollywood actors Jason Statham (Jason Statham), Bruce Willis (Bruce Willis), Dolph Lundgren (Dolph Lundgren), Mickey Rourke (Mickey Rourke) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

In the photo:. Cast film “The Expendables 3″.

As a director, Stallone took to enjoy a great box office success three series “Rocky” in 1979, 1982 and 1985, in 1990, John G. Avildsen, director of the first film, shot “Rocky 5″. In 2006, Stallone returned to the theme of Rocky and directed thriller “Rocky Balboa” (Rocky Balboa). In 2016 for a supporting role in the movie “The Creed Legacy Rocky” (Creed, 2015), he got his first “Golden Globe”, as well as an Academy Award nomination in 2016.

In the photo:. Sylvester Stallone with a small fan at the statue “ROCKY” in Philadelphia.

14 June 1984 on the Hollywood Walk of fame star Sylvester was laid Stallone

In the photo:. Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro at the premiere of the movie “Grudge Match”

In 2011, Stallone announced

launch its own line of clothing, eyewear and perfumes on the photo:. Sylvester Stallone on the red carpet before the premiere of the film “The Expendables 3″

July 6th marks the 70th anniversary of the famous American actor , director and screenwriter Sylvester Stallone.

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