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From the “strawberries” to the steep militants. “Italian Stallion” Sylvester Stallone – Arguments and Facts

«Rocky,” “Rambo,” “The Expendables» – Sylvester Stallone – a living legend, who in 70 years continues to make powerful fighters. During his career he starred in more than 50 films, recalls the brightest of them.

«Italian Stallion”, 1970

Stallone’s film career It began in 1970 with the film “The Party at Kitty and Stud.” It was not a militant and even criminal comedy, but a real American porn. 24-year-old handsome for his part in an indecent picture got only $ 200, but at the time that amount for a beginner actor was quite substantial.

Even after Stallone became famous right holders tape decided to cash in on the name of the actor, and then restart the old film remade porn erotica, cutting out most candid moments, and released it with a new title “Italian stallion”.

«Rocky», 1976

This success came with the film Stallone “Rocky” in 1976, to which the former porn actor himself wrote the screenplay. In fact, from 1970 to 1975, Stallone came up with dozens of scenarios, but only one of them is interested in the film company. The idea of ​​”Rocky” came from Stallone after watching the absolute champion of the fight in the heavyweight division Muhammad Ali and obscure Chuck Uepnera , but then no one suspected that the story dedicated to boxing match , with a budget of only $ 1 million would be the highest grossing film of 1976. Sport drama made Stallone actor of one role – strong thugs with big fists – and grew into a successful franchise

«Rambo: First Blood”, 1982

. The movie “Rocky” put Stallone very high bar ( “Oscar” for the film and the director, the nomination as a screenwriter and actor), and doomed to the inevitable comparison with the best role of his career.

However, in 1982, Stallone did not disappoint his fans , starring in the action adventure “Rambo: First blood”, the role of which claim John Travolta, Dustin Hoffman, Clint Eastwood and even Al Pacino . Interestingly, most Stallone is so not like the footage, the actor literally tried to persuade producers to sell him the film, then to destroy. As a result, “the big man with the big fists” was able to negotiate with the creators of the blockbuster, and many scenes with his participation “cut” of the film, which reduced the timing of an action movie 2 times.

«Oscar», 1991

In the 80-90-ies Stallone decided to change roles and switch to a light comedy genre. The first band, where Rocky demonstrated his ability to play, was the work John Landis «Oscar”: gangster promises his dying father that start up with crime, will be a cultured person and will be engaged in honest business

And though. film for two weeks was number one in the US box office, it did not reach the expected box office receipts. With a budget of $ 35 million first comedy with Stallone in the title role is not paid off, but it was included in his filmography as a successful and daring experiment.

«The Destroyer”, 1993

The plot of the film “The Destroyer” and today many people can bring a smile: a robber and a cop, four decades have spent in the freezing, woke up in the era of when violence is eradicated. But that participation in a fantastic action movie Stallone brought the film a box office success. After experimenting with the comedy roles, the actor took a step back and was able to prove that it is easy not only beautiful to fight, to entertain the audience, but also to play a man “out of time”. As a result, Detective John Spartan has been named the fans of one of the best Rocky role, and the film in 1993 became the leader of the box office.

«Cliffhanger”, 1993

Even after forty Stallone’s career continued to go up the hill, in 1993 the fashion for traditional American fighters already coming to an end, and the movie with Stallone still collected a fantastic cash. One of them – “climber” – a story about climbers who feels guilty because of the death of colleagues

He convinces himself again to ascend the mountain to rescue climbers in trouble.. The audience just could not miss the film, which has been done is the most expensive at the time of filming a stunt in a movie – stunt when transplanted from one plane to another at an altitude of 4752 meters. But critics were pleasantly surprised “strong performance” Stallone and sentimental story about climbers and bandits. As a result, “Cliffhanger” received several nominations for “Oscar” and a profit of $ 255 million.

«The Expendables”, 2010

The film “The Expendables “I became famous long before filming began. When Stallone said he wanted to gather in one picture all the major Hollywood tough guys and myself to sit in a chair director, action was in the list of the most anticipated premieres. With a budget of $ 82 million film grossed $ 274 million, which is not surprising, since many viewers wanted to see Stallone, Mickey Rourke, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis in the same film. Quite expectedly “The Expendables” turned into kinofranshizu, each new sequel that the number of stars increases only

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