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In Moscow music festival canceled Outline – RBC

Turn on Outline 2016 festival in Moscow

Photo: Anna Debrianskaia RBC

In Moscow music festival canceled Outline, which has sold over 10 thousand tickets.. The organizers say that the event is canceled for reasons beyond their control. Moscow authorities blamed on the organizers

In Moscow, a few hours before the beginning of the canceled festival of electronic music Outline Festival, which was to be held on July 2 and 3 on the territory of a stopped Moscow plant of automatic lines and special machines in the south-east of the capital . This was reported in the Facebook event on the official website.

«Attention! The festival will not take place for reasons beyond the organizers. The money for the tickets will be returned “, – stated in the

According to Life, the reason for the cancellation was the presentation of the Prosecutor’s Office, issued due to the fact that the Outline-2016 has not been agreed with the authorities of the capital.. According to the channel, the festival has sold 12 thousand. Tickets.

The prefect of the South-Eastern Administrative District of Moscow, Andrei Tsybin in conversation with “Interfax” blamed for the cancellation of the event to the organizers. “The organizers have submitted a request to the prefecture does not within 30 days as required by law, and only on Wednesday, June 29,” – he said. Also, according to him, the organizers have notified the elimination of violations of fire safety requirements that have been identified urban service civil defense and emergencies during an inspection earlier.

«to hold concerts with the number of viewers 10-11 thousand . people in such conditions is impossible and unsafe. Guilt lies entirely on the organizers “, – said the prefect of the

« RIA Novosti “citing its correspondent from the scene reported that the venue of the festival surrounded by police officers at the site on duty a few police cars. MOE and the car. The police report into a megaphone that the festival is closed for technical reasons, and are asked to refer all matters to the organizers. Plant Protection will not allow visitors and keep the gates closed.

agencies A law enforcement source said that to the venue of the festival pulled additional police forces. According to the source, amplification is needed to prevent mass disturbances due to the cancellation of the festival.

Some statements will be moved to other sites, said the Daily Poster.

The first time Outline festival was held in the Russian capital in 2014.


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