Saturday, July 2, 2016

Organizers of the festival called Outline not organize rallies –

The organizers of the festival of electronic music Outline, which was due to open on July 2 in Moscow, but was canceled at the last moment, they urged visitors not to hold meetings and gather in crowds. This was reported on Saturday TASS referring to the press-secretary of Catherine Zhivoglyadova festival.

«Who is the site [near the plant of automatic lines] of about 20 people, all is quiet. We encourage ensure that students are not gathered in the crowd, not rallied. I hope to listen to us “, – he said the press secretary

Zhivoglyadova noted that the festival is canceled for reasons beyond the organizers.. She added that the event is not planned to transfer, and all means viewers will be returned.

Earlier, the prosecutor’s office reported that the reason for the cancellation of the festival of electronic music Outline in Moscow is that its organizers have not agreed on an event with the authorities of the capital, and did not provide for the meeting relevant conditions, including in terms of fire safety. General Director of LLC “Moscow plant of automatic lines and spetsstankov” on whose territory had to go through the festival, received a warning.

On the cancellation of the festival of electronic music Outline, which was to be held in Moscow on July 2 reported by the organizers.

By the venue of the festival in order to prevent possible unrest pulled additional forces law enforcement.

Outline held in the Russian capital since 2014.


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