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Tsiskaridze told “Tauris” about diet and perseverance – Dni.Ru

The famous dancer and teacher Tsiskaridze the second day of the Forum “Tavrida” in the Crimea, told the participants about the difficulties of the profession. Topic Title was complex – “The process of transformation in contemporary Russian classical choreography” But the meeting turned into a very personal conversation. Tsiskaridze proposed format of the dialogue – and everyone who came had a chance to ask about their everyday concerns.

The questions were
 a bunch of. The most urgent were
 the age at which children can start
 to dance, professional
 injury and maintain good physical

“I have never
 I am sitting on a diet. I was lucky with genetics.
 In school I was very thin, we have 4 times
 year weighed, and each time I
 It was the lack of weight. Then I called
 home and said: “Well, your back
 not enough. “In the 30 began to appear superfluous,
 but go early in the season. In 40 away
 ceased. I decided to fast and lost
 very much – it turned out, I should not have
 eat meat. In general, his disciples,
 girls, I advise you not to eat after three
 day. Nothing. “

The dancer and teacher
 He complained about the fragility of the human
 body. He spoke about his injuries and
 He recommended attentive
 to the physical condition, pay more
 attention to the selection of children. “I often discourage
 choreographing. This is very
 difficult and not everyone is subject. must
 develop a rhythm and flexibility. I am now
 I can not warming up, take any
 twine – but I was again lucky with
 genetics, Mom and Dad time
 met “, – he told Tsiskaridze.
 “There are different children. You look at the child
 - I think he’s in a position to move,
 if he has any coordination? It is almost
 It does not develop. If you see that
 ability to eat – start stretch,
 put the legs. And to 8 years it is already possible to give
 preparatory “, – noted dancer

In conclusion.
 Tsiskaridze advised participants
 Forum to be persistent in your goals. is he
 He noted that he always learns new ways,
 because he understands that if stop the
 simply cease to live. “This is the meaning of life
 - Somewhere to go and something to do. AND
 Remember – the more success, the more
 It will be people who will
 shouting that you do not, do not and
 it urgently needs to be banned. more
 will congratulate – the farther you are from
 purpose. That’s when the curse will – means
 You go in the right direction “! -
 Tsiskaridze concluded.

Recall, July 1,
 He started the All-Russian Youth
 Educational Forum “Tavrida on
 Bakal Spit “. It will run until 24
 August and will consist of several
 thematic shifts. forum organizers
 say that this season through
 “Tauride” will be held over three thousand
 people aged 18 to 30 years.


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