Friday, July 8, 2016

In St. Petersburg, will seek a place for the 80-meter high Christ Tsereteli –

on Urban Planning and Architecture of St. Petersburg Committee is a matter of the installation of Jesus Christ sculpture by Zurab Tsereteli. This was to “Interfax” reported the press service of the committee.

«We have been instructed by the city governor Georgy Poltavchenko consider options for installation. While talking about the installation of the monument does not go “, – said the agency. According to him, “pick a place for the monument is quite difficult due to its high altitude” (the height of the statue – 33 meters on the number of years of Jesus’ earthly life, the pedestal – 47)

RIA Novosti Committee was told that. as one of the places considered Nevsky district.

July 5, “city 812″, citing sources reported that Tsereteli suggested to the authorities of St. Petersburg to establish a monument in the city of Christ. The figure was cast in 2013 in the St. Petersburg factory “Monumentskulptura”, was produced for Sochi, but there was not a suitable site, the magazine notes

In 2013 Tsereteli said. “I have offered to set Redeemer monument on one of the mountains of the Caucasus in Georgia. But I hope that the statue of Christ find their place in the

Russia. “


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