Saturday, July 9, 2016

Two Russian films received prizes of the festival in Karlovy Vary – Kommersant

The film “Family Happiness” Hungarian director Szabolcs Guides received the Crystal Globe – the main prize of the International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary. Best director jury recognized Slovenian representative Damian Kozol for the film “Night Life”. Two awards of the festival received Russian filmmakers. Within the framework of the main competition special jury prize was awarded to the film Ivan Tverdovskogo “Zoology”, a tape of Aleksey Krasovsky “collector” was awarded the prize Fedeora Federation of Film Critics of Europe and the Mediterranean.

Competition in the section ” east of the West “won the picture of Georgian filmmaker Rusudan Gluridze” House of the others. ” Special prize of the jury in this section was awarded tape Estonian director Triin Ruumet “Entangled days.” American director Alma Garel won the competition of documentary films with a ribbon, “True love».

Special President of the festival prize for outstanding contribution to world cinema was an American screenwriter and film director Charlie Kaufman. A few days earlier a similar prize was also awarded the French actor Jean Reno. Crystal Globe for outstanding contribution to world cinema on the first day of the festival was awarded to the American actor Willem Dafoe, reports “RIA Novosti».

Recall the 51st International Festival in Karlovy Vary submitted an extensive collection of movies, including many premieres, especially from Eastern Europe.

About the Russian presence, read the material “b” in Carlsbad programs “Zoology and conspiracy theories.”


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