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Alex Aygi about Sergei Kuryokhin – BBC

9 July on the twentieth anniversary of the death of Sergei Kuryokhin Alexei Aygi, Sergey Letov, Vladimir Volkov and other musicians will gather in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory to commemorate the musician and composer, playing his music. The concert is called “Kurehin Aygi and in the conservatory. Part Two “, as the first music conservatory in Kuryokhin sounded a year ago – thanks to Alexey Aygi with which” Times “met on the eve of presentation

-. Tell us a little more specific that will be executed

– Well, will perform music by Sergei Kuryokhin (laughs ). We had the idea to give his music a new life – the last time it unfortunately became podzabyvat. We played a few works “Popular Mechanics” and part of “sparrow’s oratorio”, but first of all like to address the fact that Kurehin wrote for the movie – “Mister Designer” Balabanovo “Castle”, “Three Sisters” by Sergei Solovyov, “Prison romance “… There is a certain number of works of this kind, which have not been published on the albums, and movies they often sound background – for voice actors, noise and other

and the music is great, and we wanted her to live, and sounded

-. and what determined the choice of products

? – I was guided by the music that is played more “human” language: the Kuryokhin jazz improvisation – it’s absolutely inhuman music, it is impossible to repeat. Film music, as opposed to absolutely phantasmagoric Kuryokhin improvisation, you can record notes, well, like to see these things sounded powerfully as this symphony “Pop Mechanics”, for this it was necessary to make arrangements for orchestra and invite his friends and colleagues to the keepers of this culture made their authentic note. We had even the idea of ​​playing the entire “sparrow’s oratorio”: it is well written, but alive to perform, perhaps once, and now we do play a small snippet

– I think Kurehin -. a figure that everyone knows, but I believe that much of what is said, is not clear. In the best case, people know the music from the “Lord of the designer» …

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– that was our goal, to people of all ages, sexes and creeds Kuryokhin could hear music in the form in which it can suddenly classical, but at the same time and with the drive of rock sound. I do not know how much would be pleased with himself, but many of his friends after the last of our speech said that this is a very decent job.

I want to tell you what it was a man and a brilliant musician. He wrote a wonderful, very bright, melodious music, at the same time ironic and tragic

-. You can once more articulate, what is Kuryokhin phenomenon

– such great talents literally leave their mark everywhere. He was known as a jazz musician and as a composer and as a rock musician, is made of “Aquarium” completely different group, it is not known what she was without him. He was closely associated with St. Petersburg’s art community, was a philosopher, an outstanding actor, with a stunning organic. Unfortunately, he was shot during the inter-temporal, and not all the films will remain in history … For the people of his generation Kurehin figure was number one. And how to describe it … Well, like a meteorite (smiling ). It’s bright, flying, leaves a large footprint, and then we dig out and try to understand what it was. How about the Tunguska meteorite people argue. It was an alien! No, it’s just a piece of iron! (Laughs .) In this spirit,

-. Well, no one can still nowhere to attribute – either to jazz musicians, not to the classic. Is that some compare Kuryokhin Frank Zappa …

– The parallels with Zappa can be done, yes, but only in the sense of the use of irony in music. It’s really a rare thing: many people believe that music – it’s so high art, that there is no irony in it is misplaced. We had the same Kuryokhin Mozartian, is powerful and easy attitude to music, which is now completely lost

-. Performances of “Popular Mechanics” has always been not just a concert, and special performances. As far as this part of the performative is important and how the music works without it? I understand that your speech is nothing like wrapped in a carpet Eduardo Gil will not

-. Unfortunately, yes. I would like someone from the modern singers wrapped in a carpet, but I’m afraid that they do not have such a sense of humor, which had Eduard Khil. Of course, the performance was very important: at some point, as I understand it, Kurehin reached in the music to a certain limit, which is trying to overcome. He was interested in this volume, total art, which acts on the masses. In the “Pop-Mechanics” I think part of the theater in general was more important than the music. And to repeat all these crazy presentation again, in my opinion, impossible. That’s why I took the most beautiful and interesting music, leaving aside the theatrical part. Although, maybe I’ll ever do a project dedicated to “Popular Mechanics”, combining music and performance. Another thing is that these actions are not repeated in life Kuryokhin so and we repeat them rather silly. We had even already tried to do something similar to the premium Kuryokhin – we heard the bikes on the stage, the musicians were playing Ping-Pong

But I again used. some of his ideas, not trying to repeat for the “Pop-mechanics”, which views have been greatly sharpened by the moment

-. Do not you have, by the way, feeling, that the perception of the Kuryokhin music today may be different from 20-30 years ago due to the changed context

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– no, it seems to me that these notes work on their own, regardless of the time. Another thing that has a known value, is executed if the music in the club or in the conservatory

-. And in general, how important to you that this concert is held in the Conservatory

– you know it’s all mystical story. Last year, I got a call from the conservatory, where I never played, and offered to do it any project. I offered a choice of our experiences with the dumb cinema, something else and said, among other things, that there is still Kuryokhin music, which I love very much and would like to play it in this room. I said, yes, let’s play Kuryokhin and proposed date of July 9 – I had completely forgotten what this day. After the talks, I left the conservatory, called Sasha Kushnir, who had just published a book about Kuryokhin, and said that on 9 July will be playing in his music conservatory. He said that on July 9 – a day of his death, and I just goose bumps. Apparently, all this is no accident.

I know that Kurehin even wanted was to speak in the Great Hall of the Conservatory, he has in this regard an agreement in 1996, but a few months before that he was diagnosed with sarcoma, and the concert was canceled

-. and the last question. You perform with this program for the second year, will continue

-? I do not know. I probably would have wanted to end on a beautiful note. On the other hand, the story began mysteriously and mystically can continue or the same result. Maybe tomorrow something happens and we play every week … I do not know where the (laughs ). But so far it seems to me that it will still be the last time.


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